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        Classic Series Kit

        Classic Tubular Sport Prerunner

        Classic Tubular Sport Prerunner

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        Series: Classic
        Type: Front
        • 3/16 inch plate steel bumper
        • ½ inch plate clevis hooks
        • 2 inch prerunner center bars and 3/16 inch uprights
        • Options for 20 inch lightbar cutout, 30 inch lightbar cutout or no lightbar cutout
        • Options for 2 wing lights per side, 1 wing light per side or no wing lights
        • Optional off road upgrade which includes upgraded center section (¼ inch plate steel, ¼ inch frame mounts and ¾ inch plate clevis hooks
        • Option to move logo to bottom right of bumper

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        Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (Based on 1 reviews)

        Great bumper

        by Paul on December 28, 2018

        Had a certified welder put mine together and painted. Nice strong design that looks good.

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