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        Isuzu Bumpers

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        Isuzu DIY Bumper Kits

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        Isuzu DIY Bumper Kits

        Available Years:

        Classic Front

        Classic Front

        Starting at $495.00 | Details »

        Classic Rear

        Classic Rear

        Starting at $495.00 | Details »

        Classic 1.5

        Classic 1.5" Prerunner

        Starting at $595.00 | Details »

        Classic 2.5

        Classic 2.5" Prerunner

        Starting at $670.00 | Details »

        Classic Full Grill

        Classic Full Grill

        Starting at $750.00 | Details »

        Precision Front

        Precision Front

        Starting at $545.00 | Details »

        Precision 1.5

        Precision 1.5" Prerunner

        Starting at $645.00 | Details »

        Precision 2.5

        Precision 2.5" Prerunner

        Starting at $720.00 | Details »

        MOVE's DIY Isuzu bumper kits are great for on or off the road. Made specifically for your model year, these custom Isuzu Trooper aftermarket bumpers give you all of the options that you want and all of the strength you need for some off road fun! Constructed from heavy-duty steel, MOVE's Isuzu bumper kits are exactly what you're looking for

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